Sylvia Doll Woodworking Gallery     
Unique handicrafts from northern British Columbia's rainforests
July, 15th 2024
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Sylvia Doll is a senior craftsman living in British Columbia's remote Queen Charlotte Islands. She is presently crafting exceptional knives, combining commercial knife blanks with natural handles crafted from wood, antler and other natural items. Many styles of knives are available, including kitchen knives, hunting & fishing knives and small personal knives suitable for carrying in purses.

Sylvia no longer does woodworking, but her past work includes jewelery boxes, chests, furniture and other wooden articles using salvaged wood derived from the northern British Columbian forests. This online gallery represents a small part of the work Sylvia has produced.

Burls, crotch pieces and gnarled portions of branch, trunk and root derived from British Columbia's rainforests are the raw materials for Sylvia's work. Photographs cannot convey the fire and life of the wood used in her artwork. Few of the pieces are geometrically complex - Sylvia prefers to showcase the wood itself instead of forming it into complex shapes.

Sylvia Doll Woodworking
PO Box 452 Sandspit, BC V0T1T0

Phone +1-250-637-2390

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